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This usually happens in a situation whereby the email, phone number or fax number provided in our database is incorrect or has changed. If your contact information has not changed from the time you provided your information, Please call our Accounts Payable Department at 1(856)229-0949 or send us an email at
Not a problem. Please call our Customer Care Team at 1(856)229-0949 or send us an email at We will provide your login details after you have been properly identified and verified as the account owner.
Signing up with Freight Logix is pretty easy and straightforward. Please go to the Carrier section and click on the ‘Haul for Freight Logix’ sub-section. You will find a form on this sub-page. Please fill accordingly and submit. We will contact you within 48 hours after reviewing your application. We are always looking for new carriers to expand our carrier network. We cannot wait to hear from you!
To receive payments, please send all documents given to you by the receiver, including bill of lading, carrier invoice, overages, TIR’s, damages, shortages, lumper fees, etc. please send all these documents to our billing department. You can fax it, send via email or, have it physically delivered at our office address
All load paperwork and documentation should be sent to Please send as a PDF document to avoid delay in paperwork processing. You can also mail it physically to our office at Freight Logix PO Box 848 Marlton NJ 08053-0848. We will inform you as soon as we receive it, process it and give you appropriate feedback within the shortest possible time.
After you successfully completed your registration with Freight Logix, you will be allowed to access all our available shipments via a daily email list. Loads can be booked by calling the appropriate contact party on the list or please call our Dispatch group at 1(856)229-0949 or send an email to
This happens due to one or more different reasons • Incomplete, illegible or missing paperwork • Incorrect load number • Missing load number • Incomplete load information • Missing carrier invoice • Unsigned bill of lading • Missing signatures on other relevant documents Please contact our Carrier Care Team at to find out the reason(s) for non-payments

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Please call our Customer Care Team at (908)588-7300 or send us an email at
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