Turnkey Shipping Solutions for Businesses

Freight Logix has a diverse portfolio of services to meet the needs of every client. We have one time services or complete end to end supply chain solutions available and we also provide customized solutions for unique circumstances. Our solutions cover every aspect of shipping – from the moment we come in to pick up your shipment to the packaging and loading phase, up to the moment we deliver it, we have the requisite resources to successfully handle all phases. We also provide complete warehousing services for customers looking for safe and secure spaces to keep their products. Customers can order the full package or discuss your unique needs with us. We will definitely work out something that will fit your needs.

Timely Solutions. Efficient Delivery Systems.

We always deliver.

At Freight Logix, there is no place of inefficiency. Our brand is trusted by thousands of clients because we are THE brand that delivers. We have created a delivery system that can withstand the pressures of our clients’ needs and expectations and our solutions are delivered on time.

Our deadlines are always met and with us, there is no room for underperformance. Our team is made up of experts who have diverse backgrounds and have worked in different fields of experience within the industry. We also have a network of strategic partners who help bring our vision to life and together, we move the interests of our customers forward.




Generational Values. New Age Thinking.

Reliability. Trust. Care. Consistency

Freight Logix is a brand built on generational values. We pride our business on reliability, trust, care and consistency.

Reliability – we do what we say we will do and we will never promise to do what is outside the scope of our business services.

Trust – through the years, we have garnered trust by dealing with our clients and partners in a fair and transparent way. We do not engage in dishonest practices and we do value the ethics of our trade and the standards of our industry. That is why we have become one of the fastest growing logistics company within the industry.

Care – because we put the priorities and needs of our customers and partners at the heart of our business, we handle everything related to them with utmost confidentiality and care. A lot of care goes into the way we package, load and deliver our shipment and we provide guarantees that protect our clients’ interests in the event of theft, damage or loss.

Consistency – we always work hard to ensure the quality of our service stays the same – regardless of the client, nature of shipment, delivery deadline, shipment location or service type. Every customer matters to us at Freight Logix and we ensure that this is reflected in every transaction.

Our age-old values do not translate to old thinking. Rather, our values complement our approach to work. We deliver solutions crafted for the evolving needs of the 21st century. Businesses can rely on us to give them the kind of solution that can quickly meet their needs.